Welcome to the New Website for the Downtown Tipp City Partnership

| Categories News | March 30, 2023

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Hello, and welcome to the new website for the Downtown Tipp City Partnership. We hope to highlight our amazing historic downtown, upcoming events and activities, and our amazing downtown shops, restaurants, and other service providers. We also hope to pass along updates on city projects that affect the downtown, keep visitors up to date on area attractions and offerings, and share our perspective on keeping Tipp City a great place to live and work.

As with any other “work in progress,” there are certainly things that we’ve forgotten or left out. It’s also possible that, in creating this new and updated version of our existing website, we got some of the information wrong. If you spot anything wrong, out of date, or missing, please email greg@gregenslen.com and these suggested changes will be forwarded to Bash Foo, our amazing website provider and hosting service. If you’re interested in signing up to get your own website, please reach out to Mike at BashFoo.com for more information.