Here is the punchlist of steps/things left to do for the website rollout:

Phase 1 – New Website Rollout

Phase 2 – Membership Program

  1. Membership Program
    1. Have meeting and decide on Membership Levels
    2. Update “Become a Member” page with levels, pricing, explanation of benefits
    3. Update Paid Memberships Pro to reflect Member Levels
    4. Promotions Committee review wording *Greg working on this
  2. Set up Payment System
    1. Tasha contacts Mike with whatever account info he needs to hook it up? It will take a few days to get through the system before it goes active.
    2. Chris, it sounds like there is no “contract,” only the 3.5% (don’t hold me to that exact amount) fee included as part of the transaction.
    3. Mike, before the payment system goes “live,” I will adjust the settings in Paid Membership Pro to create the right member levels and prices.
    4. Once it goes live, Mike, if you can let me know, I’ll “join” to test the payment system
    5. After successful beta testing, I’ll update the Membership Levels page to go live. Corey also asked for a dedicated “Renew Your Membership” link
    6. Update Site to Match
  3. Go live with Membership area on website
    1. Become a Member, member logins, member account page
    2. Start taking memberships from public
    3. FOLKS I TEMPORARILY ADDED membership levels for the TIPP MARKET VENDORS just so we can start taking payment TODAY from interested vendors. This is a temporary workaround. Soon we’ll have a Donation page and Event Sponsor pages and in the future take vendor $$ in a cleaner way. *Mike going forward how do we set up a Donation Page or take vendor payments for Vintage in the Village next year? Ponder that and get back to me!
    4. Mike, what “pages” do we need on the navigation and which ones just exist outside of the navigation? I think we need the signup and renewal pages and I added the member account and profile pages. The rest are pages no one will ever need to navigate to (I think)
    5. “Re-up” existing members *haven’t tried this yet
    6. Expiration dates – membership good for one year from signup or until Dec 31 of the year of signup? Right now new memberships don’t expire but are set for renewal after one year
    7. Generate/Create pages to show off lists of members *right now we don’t have enough
    8. ADD CORPORATE DONOR LOGOS to home page. *They point to their company website or point to the DTCP site page they are a part of? For example, if Harrison’s was a corporate sponsor, do we point to the restaurants page on our site or to the Harrison’s website
    9. Give new business members first year free. *Mike, can you set up a 100% discount code in PMP and forward to Tasha? I couldn’t figure out how.
  4. Mike Raised these issues (email 4/17)
    1.  Are you going to offer current members something special in exchange for signing up with a membership subscription? (1-free ticket to the beer crawl??) – Still brainstorming level benefits but going with what we have for now. Will be adding more stuff in the fall revamp
    2. Are you going to have merchants/businesses pay the credit card fee (2.9% + $0.30 transaction) associated with the subscription payment, or are you going to “eat it”? (answer is usually yes, they will pay, not the charity) – right now we’re eating the fees. Will revisit in fall revamp
    3. Subscriptions do allow for self-management of the membership process, so your members can re-up or cancel without asking for your help.
    4. Do you want to offer any other way to pay for membership other than by subscription? (maybe they want to charge this year’s fee, but not feel obligated for next year) If yes, then you will have to create a process to manually “remind” those members that they actually did term out. – subscription for now but I’m not seeing an “end date” or a renewal date. Will need to revisit this
    5. Anyone paying by check will require you to also manually add them to the website as a member. It will also create a situation where you’ll have to remember to manually remove them from the roles if they don’t pay after 12 months. – yes check payers and others who don’t signup through the website/pay with CC will need more attention to create/manage the individual accounts

Phase 3 – 2023 Site Update (Summer 2023)

  1. Get photos taken of new board members
  2. Update Board of Directors page with new photos
  3. Add all Events to events page *Tasha and Nikki
  4. Post weekly news articles and link over to Facebook
  5. Figure out a way to take donations and event sponsorships through the website
  6. Add Amazon Smile link and Amazon Wish List so people can support the DTCP organization (either through Amazon money or buying us stuff we need off of a DTCP Amazon wishlist)

Phase 4 – Update Membership Program (Fall 2023)

  1. Come up with new membership levels and benefits
  2. Remove photos and live links from businesses that aren’t current DTCP Members?